Projectile Hunting Tools, Hunting, Fishing, Processing Fish or Animals, Eating Wild Things…

We share many ancient skills at Wild Intelligence. Some, like archery and rabbit sticks, involve projectile hunting tools. And they are particularly exhilarating. Who doesn’t love to watch their arrow arc through space and land quivering in the target?

We discuss and use these tools in their original context as hunting tools, not as weapons of combat. All of our ancestors at one time were hunter gatherers. Accordingly, we may talk about hunting and tell personal or ancestral stories about hunting. These stories provide cultural context, ethical guideposts, historical understanding, and mythological lessons. We however, do not hunt or teach hunting in summer camp.

Summer camp will offer opportunities to fish in the Oconee River. Fishing will be predominantly catch and release. We may however, offer the opportunity to clean, cook, and eat our catch in the field. No fish will be carried home alive or dead.

The respectful processing of a fish or other animal can be a remarkably connecting experience. It provides a deeper understanding of natural cycles and of our commonality with other animals. It is also a very useful life skill. We feel that there is something particularly wild and connecting about eating natural plant and animal foods. Taking that energy into our bodies, making it us, is a powerful experience. Please know that Wild Intelligence places a great emphasis on respect and safety during all of these experiences. We also understand that some of these activities may be edgy or a sensitive experience for some parents or children.

It is our policy:

To provide opportunities to connect to nature with real world hunter gatherer activities and skills including:

  • projectile weaponry such as archery, slingshots, rabbit sticks
  • storytelling and mythology around the ancestral context of hunting and gathering
  • fishing
  • processing, cooking, and eating fish or game
  • harvesting, processing, cooking and eating wild plant foods and medicines

That participation in such activities is entirely optional

  • children are free to opt out
  • no one is ever required to eat anything

To inform parents that animal processing is a part of the experience of a Wild Intelligence program (this letter serves this purpose)

  • to offer other facilitated activities for those who choose to opt out
  • all wild foods are ethically and sustainably harvested
  • all wild foods are safely and properly prepared
  • we require positive identification of plants and positive determination that it is not a poisonous lookalike
  • we teach children to check with a knowledgeable adult before eating self foraged foods, at Wild Intelligence and at home
  • we are working on a booklet that provides more information and resources to you regarding wild plant foraging


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