Jenny DeRevere

Adult & Youth Mentor

Jenny lives a slow, quiet and earthy lifestyle with her husband Jamie, and two sons. She has always felt most at peace and alive surrounded by the natural world.

She grew up in New England, mostly outside, where as a young child she fell in love with the smells, the sounds, and the beauty of nature, loving how being in the nautral world made her feel. Spending many amazing years exploring led her to having some life changing experiences in the natural world. Working at rafting companies in some far flung places, allowed her to experience living with and in nature as well as packing food and gear on extended raft trips, being utterly blown away by and in awe of all of the immense beauty and wildness of the earth.

Jenny moved to Athens to pursue a passion for gardening and a to ‘try out the place.’ Where she ended up laying down some flower roots, and has been here 17 years. She attended Wild Intelligence’s Year Of The Coyote in 2011 and was awakened to a deeper idea of nature connection, one that included fostering community and “a guiet mind.” Wanting more and a deeper understanding, she attended the Year Of The Bear in 2012, deepening her own connection and learning how to support and mentor others along their journey of nature connection.

Jenny is thrilled to be on staff for Wild Intelligence, working with both the children’s program and with the adult program. Following her heart and learning so much more everyday, she brings her gifts of listening, song, holding sacred space, nurturance, reverence, and authenticity oh, and cooking great nourishing food. When she is not working with Wild Intelligence he spends her days tending her home fire, her flower garden, her inner landscape, and the home education of her two boys.

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