Acorn Teen Program

Program Information

  • Ages 13 to 17
  • Monthly weekend program : September 2017 – April 2018
    • drop off on Saturday at 1:00 pm and pickup is Sunday at 12:00 pm
  • Tuition : $1,080
    • Early bird pricing of $1,026 is available until September 1st
    • Payment plans are available if you need to spread your payment out over 6 months
    • See our payment policy online here
Registration for this program is closed for the 2017-2018 season. Please join our newsletter to learn when registration will open again.

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Acorn is our new monthly camp-out program for teenagers, named for the youth stage of the mighty oak tree, a cornerstone of our ecosystem here in north Georgia. In order to have stability and abundance in the future, we must tend the youth today and help them grow. Our aim is to have lots of fun together outside and create a community space where the teens feel comfortable and accepted as they stretch out and grow through the journey of adolescence. Together we play games (of the full-blown running as well as the sneaky scout varieties), use basic camping and wilderness skills, make natural art and handcrafts, and get a taste of forest living — balancing focus, down time, and play.

Everyone takes turns with camp tasks – gathering wood and tending fire, cooking, cleaning up. Working together towards a common goal builds community, competence, and confidence. provide delicious and nutritious food and source everything that we can – vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, etc. directly from local farms and the wild. This year, one of our goals is to harvest and use at least one wild food in each meal. Eating in season is an important part of staying anchored to our place in the natural rhythm of the year.

These are our focus projects and themes for each month, subject to change depending on what’s available and the teens’ particular interests. We strongly encourage the teens to pursue what interests them and will do what we can to help them develop the skills that most appeal to them.

      • September 9-10 : Welcome! Land exploration, basic camp skills (knife, axe, fire, knots, etc for setup)
      • October 7-8 : Wildcrafting basic herbal medicine / Fork or spoon carving
      • November 4-5 : Autumn fruit harvest and preservation – persimmons, sugarberries, etc. / Kudzu baskets
      • December 9-10 : Fermentation station! Sauerkraut, kombucha, water kefir / Leather knife sheaths

    • January 6-7 : Natural art – Wildcrafted paint and paintbrushes, beeswax crayons, charcoal / rawhide containers, pouches
    • February 3-4 : Wool felting / Animal processing – to be discussed
    • March 3-4 : Archery / Bamboo craft
    • April 7-8 : Spring greens! Harvest and preparation of yummy and nutritious wild plants into pesto, jelly, salve, etc. / Trade blanket and talent show


    For more information please contact Bernard Cook or Soleil Ouimet