Contributed by Sarah Hubbard In September our Young Naturalists Guild got a chance to work with local artist and extraordinary human Chris Taylor at The State Botanical Gardens on his Nest Building Project.  Chris has been building nests at the Botanical Gardens since March 2015.  Most Saturdays he can be found somewhere along one, Read More

contributed by Tommy Tye   Wild Intelligence recently held our first woodland Ramble! It was hosted by the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, and a great time was had by all. All three of us. You see, the rain had been coming down in buckets, raining cats and dogs. It was a real toad-strangling, Read More

JOIN US for this year’s family friendly FALL PARTY. November 14, 4pm to 11pm Southern Brewing Company Advance tickets available! There will be skill sharing happening: bows, fire, carving, crafts, wanders, and more! There will be story telling, community, local food and locally brewed beer! We will have a silent auction with items for, Read More

Our youth programs consist of a variety of the following: after school, year-round, summer camp, weekends, home-school, and workshops. We focus on games, skills, teamwork, independence, stories, and most importantly fun. Our classrooms have no walls, our teachers have feathers, scales, and bark, and our tests are evaluated by how big the smiles are, Read More

contributed by Sarah Hubbard South Jackson Elementary has invited me to visit their Science Enhancement Class once a month for the 2015-16 school year.   I go one Tuesday a month with the goal of taking their students on a ‘Wilderness Wander’ along their trails!  (South Jackson has a great trail system built by, Read More

contributed by Sarah Hubbard My life is busy – like crazy busy.  It’s not always easy to make sit spot happen.  I am goal oriented, so taking 30 days and committing to it keeps me motivated.  When I get slack these 30 days are a great reminder that sit spot is what I make, Read More

contributed by Sara Callaway Two months ago, I moved.  High school teenagers have accomplished this with more grace.  I didn’t even change towns.  Just houses.  But man, did I go kicking and screaming.  Ok, moping and weeping was more like it in reality.  Either way, it wasn’t pretty.  I moved because I had to,, Read More

Contributed by Sarah Hubbard Will you join me this year in a 30 day sit spot challenge? Or a 30 day get outside and breathe for a moment challenge? It will change your life and bring you closer to Earth and to yourself. Ask anyone who does it regularly. Ask me about it anytime., Read More

When: Sunday, October 4, 2015 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM Where: State Botanical Garden of Georgia Who: This Ramble is open to 12 intrepid and curious explorers aged 16 and up Cost: $35 (register here) Ramble: A walk taken for pleasure, especially in the countryside, typically without definite route or goal. What could be, Read More

contributed by Tommy Tye Years ago, I helped out at a “nature-oriented” summer camp. I have a strong memory of a flawless day in early summer. The lazy buzz of cicadas filtered through the shady forest. Waves whispered their secrets along the shore of the pond. And delightful laughter warbled spontaneously from running children, Read More

contributed by Sarah Hubbard The thunder booms and the rain pours as the sun sets on this day.  The wren sings her song as heavy drops of water fall on her. In my body I practice being like the wren. I learn from the wren how to be in the rain. How to let, Read More

contributed by Sarah Hubbard People often ask me what it is that we ‘DO’ at Wild Intelligence.  What can you expect in one of your programs? I usually laugh when I get this question because it is a very difficult answer to give in the time most people want to allow me to explain., Read More

contributed by Sara Callaway Elaeagnus (ill-ee-ag-nus) is what Carl called it when he showed me the plant in his back yard.  “Makes good berries,” he said, picking one off and eating it.  This was way before I could tell a dandelion from a daisy, back when the word “permaculture” was something chemical you did, Read More

contributed by Tommy Tye The September morning made grand promises, teasing me with hints of the coming fall. I drifted down in the darkness to the the edge of the woods behind my home. It’s my special place to sit and watch the sunrise and get the news from the woodland telegraph. Rich experiences, Read More