‘AWE!’ Wakening

September 17, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
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Program Information

  • Adult Program
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  • Regular pricing is $645 after July 1
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In this Deep Nature Connection Mentoring Program we will concentrate on the Core Routines as they are laid out in the Coyote’s Guide To Connecting With Nature in a fully embodied approach. Our goal is to engage your natural sense of wonder while also giving you mentoring and teaching tools to incorporate them in a way that works for your life, in the classroom, or in the office. Each weekend will consist of natural rhythms, games, play, exploration, wandering, and quiet spaces while also learning how to use these simple practices in your everyday lives as well as in the work you do in the world.

Core Routines are the fundamental building blocks of cultivating a passionate and deep connection to the world around you.  Through practicing, using, and role-modeling these simple practices Connection easily happens.  Awareness awakens and new life patterns develop. Passions come alive.  Curiosities begin to drive you.  Life becomes something experienced fully.  You lose your mind and come to your senses.  The Core Routines are simple and doable practices you can easily incorporate into all facets of your life.

Each weekend of ‘Awe!’Wakening will build upon the previous weekend.  We will begin with simple skills and techniques while explaining how they work and why they work as well as how to use them in our everyday lives whether we are parents, students, teachers, or mentors.

‘Awe!’Wakening will be an embodied mentoring experience.  Weekends will be full and exciting.  We will be moving, wandering, learning, and exploring.  We will be working with our hands creating simple projects from items we can find on the land and around us.  Every class will be brimming with information and fun.

In between weekends there will be short activities, goals, and inspirational articles and videos we will send out weekly to help tie your weekends to your life.  It will be an expectation of this course that you read the emails and do the activities as we will be referencing them on the weekends.  This allows us to keep our time together experiential and fun.  Owning a copy of the Coyote’s Guide To Connecting with Nature is also a requirement of this program.

The Journey:

Every weekend begins at 10:00 am on Saturday and Sunday mornings and will run until 4:00 pm except the two November Weekends.

September 16 & 17: Nature Knowledge

Learning how to look at the Natural World will be the theme of this weekend.  We will crack open the shell of the Core Routines with the practice of Gratitude, Sit Spot, what Mentoring is, Tending Fire, the importance of Wandering, and Cultivating Awareness Skills.  These practices are the backbone of the remaining weekends.

October 14 & 15: Tracking and Barriers

Tracking – inner and outer tracking – will be the theme of this weekend.  We will get out onto the land and explore animal tracks and sign.  We will explore the art of storytelling and weaving the tales left for us as we interpret what we find.  We will look at the natural patterns happening around us AND within us.  We will explore the barriers we all face in our modern busy world as well as safety and hazards.

November 11 & 12 and November 18 & 19: Shelters and Fires

These two weekends will be sleepovers.  Meals will be provided.  We will be building shelters to stay in or tending Solo Fires overnight.  The group will be divided the first weekend.  ½ of the group will sleep in a shelter.  The other ½ of the group will tend solo fires.  The following weekend the groups will switch and mentor one another in the process.

December 2 & 3: Play & Bird Language

In December we will focus on the importance of Play and Cultivating the Natural Curiosity.  Saturday will be filled with Play!  We are going to play games, sneak up on each other.  We are going to have FUN! Sunday, we are going to begin the dive into the epic world of Bird Language and etiquette in the Natural World.

January 13 & 14: Wandering

The theme of January will be space and quiet moments.  We will wander slowly and explore on Saturday.  Sunday, we will turn our attention to Coyote Mentoring, Natural Rhythms, and Role Modeling.

February 17 & 18: Practicing

In our last weekend in this embodied journey we will put what we have learned into practice.  You will try on mentoring or role modeling in the safe container of the group by bringing something you want to offer to the group.

We hope you will join us in the woods.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Sarah (sarah@wildintelligence.org) or Mike (mike@wildintelligence.org).

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What People say about Mike and Sarah’s mentoring:

“Sarah Hubbard never ceases to inspire me.  Her relationships with not just species but individual animals takes being a naturalist to a whole other level.  The animals in her amazing stories are clearly old friends and her primary goal is to empower others to create their own close friends in the natural world.  The world needs more of what she has”‘ 

~Michael Ismerio, Mentor at Forest Floor in Asheville


Sarah Hubbard is a wise sage in the realm of connecting people with nature.  Her patience, understanding, and ability to walk with a person, step by step to be more thoughtful, observant, and to connect with their surroundings are at the forefront of her teaching.  Adults and children that have been mentored by Sarah hold her in the highest esteem, and are eager to experience her teachings time and time again.”

~ Stephen Lush, Science Enhancement Teacher at South Jackson Elementary


“Sarah Hubbard is an authentic human being. Her very real compassion for the earth and for other people is palpable to the participants in her programs. I am so grateful for the way she made nature connection FUN and personal for me.

Mike Weems really embodies a life lived in harmony with nature. He doesn’t have to say much of anything. He just IS nature connection. I love listening to his stories and seeing him smile with real, deep enjoyment of the world around him.”

~Lora Smothers, Mentor at Freedom To Grow Unschool


“Sarah’s enthusiasm for everything outdoors (including spiders and snakes) is infectious.  She is a treasure trove of knowledge about animals, especially birds, trees, natural cycles, earth and the universe! I look forward to her blog entries every day and save them all.  She prefers experience to didactic teaching, which I am sure the children she teaches must love.  She’ll give just enough information to hook your wonder, and then suggest you go find out for yourself the information your new questions beg for. Walking with her in the woods is a study in engaging nature with heart senses as well as the regular 5 physical senses. She’s a lot younger than my 74 years, but I want to be like her when I grow up.”

~Marguerite Holmes, Community Activist and Wise Woman


When I reflect on my experiences with Mike Weems and Sarah Hubbard, I am immediately taken back to my first day at Wild Intelligence as an apprentice. It was spring of 2014 and the forest was coming alive. Sarah was crawling through the forest with the children as we explored the world around us. The birds sung a beautiful melody which Sarah could pick out in a second, “what bird do you think that was?” Sarah asked.
Well I felt pretty inadequate, and I wasn’t quite sure of the names of common birds in Georgia. With Sarah’s support and guidance, I became motivated to learn all I could about the community around me. Just 3 years later and I’ve identified 150 species of birds and call myself an avid bird watcher! When I walk outside, I hear the robin and cardinal greeting me, the wrens and chickadees alarm calls and a red tailed hawk screaming above. Sarah has helped me see a whole new world in my very own back yard, and I am very grateful for her guidance.
Spending time with Mike was a great honor and hearing the stories from my elders really brought the land alive. Mike has a passion for everything Wild and a deep knowledge of the history of local land and native history. We sat near the river as he told me of the natives that lived in our area, how they survived, and the strife that took place. While Mike is also an avid bird watcher, he shared invaluable tracking knowledge with me. Each time I approach a sandy shoal, I remember what Mike taught me and look for fresh tracks of raccoon, mink, deer, you name it.
I am extremely grateful for the experiences I share with these to wise souls. I can affirmatively say that I would not have the same sense of place and belonging if it had not been for the guidance of these two elders. Take every opportunity you can to hear their stories and learn from them, I promise you won’t regret it; on the contrary, it will stick with you for the rest of your life :)”
~Josh Wayne


“Sarah Hubbard (Chickadee) is a remarkable teacher.  As an educator myself, I can say it as rare as it is inspiring to see someone with so much patience and flexibility coupled with a desire to help others deepen their connections to the natural world .  Though I haven’t been in a program with her as a student/mentee, I have witnessed her interaction with our children and others, and I have been impressed by her authenticity and commitment.  Like a lot of great teachers/mentors, Sarah also has a solid foundation, passion, and strong core values.  So many of us in the urbanized world feel at once dis-connect from the natural world and a desire to spend more time amongst trees, water, dirt, organisms, and animals.  It seems to me that Sarah knows this and wants to bring our awareness back to this connection.’ 

~Rob McMaken, Parent

“Sarah has the ability to hold the group together while at the same time, helping each child explore their own personal limits and interests. As a mentor, she is sensitive and works to truly see the child as they are and as they want to be seen. The children absolutely shine under her encouraging gaze.”
My daughter began the program nervous and shy, I was afraid she would spend all of her time clinging to the mentors. This was true for a while in the beginning but after completing her year with Sarah as a mentor, she emerged not only with more knowledge and friends but also more confidence in herself. Everyday she stood taller and taller as she marched out of the woods to head home. But everyday she did not leave before hugging each of her mentors with deep gratitude. ”
~ Tabatha Tucker, Parent

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