Building Connections

November 7, 2017 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
State Botanical Gardens
S Milledge Ave
Athens, GA
Sarah Hubbard

 Building Connection

A pathway to Developing a Deeper Sense of Awareness to the Natural World with Sarah Hubbard
Weekly October 3 through November 28, 2017 (except Oct 31)
5:30 pm – 7:30 pm 

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In this 8 week class we will discuss what Deep Nature Connection means and how to enrich your lives with simple tools for connecting to Earth.

Each week we will cover a rich topic and practice it together.2016-02-16 08.03.42

  • October 3: Deep Nature Connection
  • October 10: The Art of Paying Attention
  • October 17: The Benefits of a Stillness Practice
  • October 24: Hazards and Barriers
  • November 7: The Feathered Kingdom
  • November 14: Mammals and the Messages They Leave For Us
  • November 21: Plants, Trees, and Fungi
  • November 28: Your 6 senses and Starry Skies


2016-09-01 18.26.21-2

photo by Sarah Hubbard

Each week we will gather in the Adult classroom at the State Botanical Gardens for a short presentation with inspirational videos and information as well as common sense; easy to practice activities at home.  We will engage in conversation about connection and the struggles to find time in our busy lives to connect with the natural world along with why making the time should be priority.  Each week we will also take time out for stillness in nature and practicing together in the gardens.  (Please plan to dress for the weather – if it is raining we will sit in the conservatory.)

Sarah brings a lot of passion for connecting to the natural world and will share many of her personal tools and stories as well as what inspires her to keep returning to her practice daily.

There will be goals each week to try at home.  And each week when we begin we will share connection moments from our week and then dive into the topic of the week.

2016-08-07 18.04.24-2

Photo taken by Sarah Hubbard

During the 8 weeks of this course every participant will receive a daily email of inspiration, resource information, and other information to help you on your journey into Deep Nature Connection.

***A little about our instructor Sarah Hubbard:

Sarah Hubbard has been a mentor at Wild Intelligence for 6 years.  She has nurtured a life long relationship with the natural world and loves learning new things  – especially with people who love it as much as she does.  For the last 5 years she has had a daily practice of getting outside and connecting to Earth while also studying bird language with Rick Bedsworth, Dan Gardoqui both of whom contributed to Jon Young’s book ‘What the Robin Knows’. She is a life long resident of Athens still living on land she was raised on with her husband and two children.  Sarah describes herself as a pathological earth lover.  She writes a daily journal where she shares moments from her sit spot, stories, photos, meditations, and poetry on her blog which can be found at

One Comment on “Building Connections

  1. This is a journal entry from a participant from Fall 2016, Marguerite Holmes including 4 beautiful Haiku’s:

    23 October 2016 The Stag At My Sit Spot

    I go to my Sit Spot in a wooded area of Memorial Park – under the only pine tree I can see among the hardwoods in this spot. To my left is a gully. I have settled for only a minute or two when I hear an urgent chuffing sound across the gully. It is a sound I’ve never heard before. I move only my eyes and see through the dappled sunlit branches the white tail of a doe chuffing to her two fawns to move away from where I sit across the gully.

    Chipmunks stop scolding and the birds are silent: a stranger is in the landscape. Am I a threat? I hear a much stronger chuffing closer to me on the other side of the gully. I sit VERY STILL.

    A stag walks into the opposite clearing and makes insistent chuffing sounds, challenging me to react or move. I do not. This continues a time until he decides I must belong and he ambles off in the direction of the doe and fawns. The birds and chipmunks resume their morning conversations and all is well. All is brand new for me after the magical moment that I am accepted as part of the landscape. Four Haikus capture the essence of this story:

    Time and I sit still …
    Eager for the Moment when
    We and Woods are one.

    Curious, he stares
    And questions my credentials
    To be one with him.

    A magical choice
    Moves me from threat to comrade.
    Awe gratitudes me.

    How carefreely he
    Accepts me as belonging
    To the All-That-Is!

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