Drawing with Local Artist David Hale

April 23, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Earthsong Community Building
David Hale

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Class Information

This class is intended for those age 16 and older.
The workshop will be two days, April 23 – 24 : 10am to 4pm on both days.
Registration fee – $200

Class Description

There is inspiration all around us, but rarely do most of us take the time to witness and reflect it. We can find infinite sources of inspiration right where we live and infinite means of reflection with means that exist right at our fingertips. For this weekend we will spend time being aware of our surroundings and developing tools for reflecting back what we see. The materials will be simple; pencils, pens, and paper; and the methods will be ancient. But, within this simplicity is the possibility of coming closer to yourself and the mark you make on this world. I have spent my entire life working in this manner and am happy to share what I have found through all these years and all these marks. Every individual will walk away from the weekend with more opportunities to observe their world and depict what they see through these simple tools and skills they will be bring home with them.

The focus on this course will be on observation, drawing from observation, and extracting pattern from nature.  With a small class size there will be plenty of room for one on one teaching and guidance.  Each participant will be guided through the process of observing and collecting materials directly from nature, sketching in the field, and then carrying out the stages of creating a finished drawing from sketch to completion in the studio.  Each participant will leave the workshop with a finished drawing, and a drawing kit to continue creating on her or his own with these tools and experiences. The weekend will be full of plenty of opportunity to learn new skills and hone old ones, with close guidance from an experienced artist and many skilled nature observers.

The building at Earthsong we will be using is Ayeli Cherokee. Dress appropriately for spending time outside.
Please bring lunch, snacks, and water.


About David

David Hale was born in 1984 and raised along an unnamed creek in central Georgia. He spent much of his childhood outside exploring and inside drawing, and these two central themes were always bound be his relationship to the Divine. Spirit spoke to him along the banks of that muddy creek, and he found his best response in the marks made by his hands. David watched the woods around his home transformed in the name of greed and excess, and saw his beloved creek turned into a fenced in detention pond. He now finds his home along another creek, on the Beloved Land, between the forks of the Oconee River, and he honors it with his heart and his hands. Now he explores and creates with his wife Emily, his son Crow, and the animals that share their home. David makes marks in many different ways, but all are humble reflections of the same Divine Love he is offered daily.

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  1. hello there 🙂
    Im very interested in signing up for the weekend workshop with David. I’m wondering one thing, would I be able to bring my very well behaved white husky. She’s a total gem, calm, and extremely loving. I thought since we’ll be outside it might be possible. Please let me know. If I can’t bring it I still hope to sign up but I would love to have her along.

    thank you thank you

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