Fire Essentials Part 1 with Bernard Cook

January 13, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
255 Chulitna Way
Bogart, GA 30622
Bernard Cook
This hands-on class is about resourcefulness, awareness, and knife skills with a focus on application to fire. Students will learn how to find, identify, and use specific materials from a variety of trees and plants found in our forests and fields which have special properties that aid fire building. We will cover building an effective “pyre,” how to utilize what we find to increase the chances of success in challenging conditions, and safe, effective application of basic knife skills to that process. Come away empowered with a range of skills and strategies to help you thrive outside. All tools are provided.
“I found Bernard’s ability to communicate the core of an idea (about trees, tools, skills) really impressive. No wasted words and no condescension.” – Casey B
“Bernard was above and beyond. He lives it and knows it. He shared his knowledge and experiences. That helped in my learning. Now I can relate what I am learning and doing to life.” – Suzanne Jones
Part 2 coming soon!
Coming soon

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