Foraging Wild Plants & Mushrooms

April 9, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Earthsong community
Bernard Cook

Join internationally esteemed naturalist, Todd Elliott, for a practical workshop about natural history and foraging wild plants and mushrooms.

Todd Elliott is a freelance biologist, naturalist, lecturer, and primitive skills instructor. His research has focused on studying global biodiversity and interrelationships in nature. These studies have taken him to remote corners of the world and allowed him to learn from indigenous people and to explore diverse ecosystems on six continents. Todd has discovered and published organisms new to science and is currently writing a field guide on the mushrooms of the Southeastern United States for Timber Press. Come join Todd for one of his energetic woods rambles and learn about primitive skills, foraging, ecology, traditional life-ways, and the human interface with the natural world. To learn more about Todd’s work visit:

Earthsong is located on Big Bear Road, just off of Savage Road near Bogart GA. Most GPS won’t be able to find it.
From Athens: Drive west on 129 until 330, take a left on 330. Pass Tallassee Rd and continue on 330. Take the next left, Savage Rd, just pass the bridge crossing the Middle Oconee River. The left turn onto Big Bear Rd comes a short ways after getting on Savage. Take a left on Big Bear and drive until the road is blocked, take the driveway to the left, and you have arrived! Visit the Earthsong website for a map here.


2 Comments on “Foraging Wild Plants & Mushrooms

  1. Is there a reason I should know where Earthsong Community is? Do you think you could provide a location that can be found on Google Earth, or a name that comes up on Google at all, or some way that people could identify whether or not they can get to you? I mean Google Earthsong Community and I end up in New Zealand, ot a community school in Virginia, neither of which S worth the travel,from Sout Florida to attend.

    Information is the key to everything, and you are failing to provide enough.

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