Forest Caterpillars

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Program Information

  • Ages 4 to 6 years
  • May 30 – June 2, 2017
  • 10 am – 2 pm each day
  • Located: Earthsong
  • Tuition: $155

photo by Jamie DeRevere

Caterpillars give us a sense that something is on the horizon. They often fill us with a sense of anticipation. You can’t always tell from what the caterpillar looks like what kind of butterfly they are going to become. It doesn’t even matter because they fill us with hope.


Photo by Jamie DeRevere

Forest Caterpillars are full of wonder. Every moment is precious and the only moment there is. Their focus is clear. Their determination cannot be rivaled. They know where they are headed and they know what they need to do.

In Forest Caterpillars we endeavour to be right there with them on the most important mission for the day – PLAY.

In Forest Caterpillars we know stories are our often the best teachers, imagination is everything, and being on the move is a must – there is a whole world yet to discover.

2016-07-08 10.28.31

photo by Soleil Ouimet

Logs are a world of wonder in the eyes of a Forest Caterpillar – there could be anything under it, growing on it or in it. Each rock in the creek tells the story of the sun the way it catches the light. Every stick in the forest can be exactly the perfect stick for a fairy house. Muscadine vines are hanging down to be swung from and mud is not only for building moats around castles; it is also intended to be worn. This is the way we approach the Forest Caterpillars.

photo by Sarah Hubbard

photo by Sarah Hubbard

The mentors for the Forest Caterpillars meet the youth right where they are with the same sense of determination and wonder. We also know that play is imperative to development both as an adult and as a child. We marvel at the wonders of nature. We have endless questions too! We even drive the people around us crazy with our ‘Why?’ questions also. We want to know, understand, and explore everything possible too! We follow the lead of the Forest Caterpillars entirely. We learn as much as they do on our journeys each week.
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