Gray Fox Home School Program

Program Information

  • Ages 7 to 12
  • Tuition : $1,275
  • Tuesdays from 9:30am – 2:30pm at Orange Twin
  • September 2016 – April 2017
  • 25 weeks with 1 family night and 1 campout at the end of the season with mentors
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The Gray Fox program was our first year long offering at Wild Intelligence and it continues to be our most in-depth nature connection program for youth. Like all of our programs the Gray Fox Year is built entirely around the youth registered for it and their passions while they are in the woods as well as where they are developmentally.


At Gray Fox we play games and share stories. We explore the forest and discover the life it is filled with from insects, spider, and reptiles to tracking deer, learning about plants, trees, mushrooms and whatever else we find along the way in our wanderings. We tromp through the creek catching minnows and we hide in the ferns. We carve with knives, make fires, and build forts. We draw, we paint, we even sometimes write poetry and songs. Sometimes we all sit by a tree to simply take in the beauty of the seasons and watch the birds. We share and we grow together.

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Our mentors work from the very first day to develop a personal relationship with each child. We watch the kids we work with grow and discover. We get to know where them well – what their fears are – as well as their passions and who they are. We invite them into a year long journey of connection to the natural world, themselves, and the community they build with us during the year. We encourage the youth in our programs to be confident; to believe in themselves the way we believe in them; and we ask them to see their uniqueness as gift that gives this world that special touch only they offer it.


Every group is different. Every day on the land is different. And what we will be doing from week to week is different based on the weather, where we are on the land, and the children we are working with. This keeps the program engaging for the youth and much more exciting as every week anything is possible.

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