Guild Camp

Registration for this program will open February 1, 2018

Program Information

  • Ages 8 to 12
  • Located at Earthsong, just 20 minutes from downtown Athens
  • June 25 – 29, 2018
  • 9am – 2pm each day

Program Description

Yoga In Wild Spaces with Morgan King:
Using mindfulness practices, we will heighten our awareness and deepen our connection to the hard-wood forest around us. Yogic stretching, guided meditations, chanting, acro yoga, walking barefoot, bird watching, and thoughtful discussions will be facilitated by certified yoga teacher and Wild Intelligence youth mentor, Morgan King. Come prepared to dive into the present moment and all if its beauty!

Natural Exploration with Mike Weems:
In this guild we will explore the 100 acre wood of Earthsong.  We will turn over logs, track animals, and see how many plants we can identify. We’ll hunt down spiders and other insects.  We’ll practice our stealth and our sneaking skills and we will squeeze in some nature photography too!
Nature Crafting with Soleil Ouimet:
Connect with the earth-through art! Make your own journal, paint brushes, pencils, pigments, and more. Melt, smear, and splash mud on an organic canvas–discover how many colors live in the forest! Sourcing materials from the earth helps to develop a special relationship with the tools and pieces we create.  Gather inspiration from the sights in nature, and through them express using materials gathered by hand in the forest.
Bush Craft with Bernard Cook:
Participants get a slice of forest living with this guild. All about resourcefulness and creativity – we will make camp tools from branches we find (spatula, tent stakes, hooks, etc), making a good fire, setting up a cool and effective shelter. Imagination is the limit! Building camp and making useful things is fun and satisfying, especially when we have a fire and get to cook some yummy (and wholesome!) treats with the tools we crafted ourselves from the forest.

Wild Kitchen with Eileen Schaeffer

In Wild Kitchen, the kids will learn how to both botanize and cook local plants. We will learn basic culinary techniques that can be applied to a diversity of dishes as well as identification and harvest skills for an array of local and cultivated plants at Earthsong. The class will be hands-on and instructional. Kids will learn about nutrition, gardening, and ecology throughout the day. They will learn recipes but will also develop their own.