Otters After School Program

Program Information

  • Ages 7 to 10
  • Tuition : $1,040
  • Wednesdays, 3:45 pm – 6:30 pm at Orange Twin
  • September 2016 – April 2017
  • 25 weeks during the school year, 1 family night
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Otters are always on the move. They are curious fun creatures of both earth and water. Otters are ready to play and have adventures. In the Otters After School Program that is exactly what we do!

Anything is possible in the Otters After School Program. We might have a mud slide, play hiding games, stalk up on another tribe, or craft tools while talking about our day. Sometimes we paint our faces and clothes in mud and dress up like woodland creatures while we make up stories about our tribe. We might fish in the creek, track squirrels, or build forts while some of us climb trees and pretend to be monkeys. On any given day we could carve, make primitive tools, or fashion fishing baskets out of twigs.


At Otters we strive to be in our bodies and on the move while we examine mushrooms with a magnifying glass, touch different tree barks just to see how different they all feel, or take a pause at the buckeyes just to see the small buds that are forming for next years growth.


From day one of Otters our mentors are getting to know the youth they are working with. We get to know their imaginations and their interests as well as what scares them a little bit and what excites them a whole lot. We invite them into the adventure of being themselves, being fully alive and getting to know the world of possibility that awaits us all outside! Our mentors come ready with their passion for being outside and ready for the fun that awaits all of them.

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Every week of the Otters Program is different. We base every program day on what the kids are interested in doing, what the weather is like, and where the adventure takes us – hopefully a little off the well worn trail into a world of possibility and connection.

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