Our Curriculum

Wild intelligence is a nature connection school based in Athens, Georgia, offering programs for youth, teens, and adults. Wild Intelligence follows a participant-centered curriculum based in the natural cycle in order to facilitate empowered relationships to nature, self, and community.

  • All of our programs are centered around the individuals we are working with – where they are and who they are.
  • We use Nature as our classroom.
  • Because being connected is at the root of everything we do at Wild Intelligence our mentors work closely with the participants. The mentors get to know their groups and develop the program based on what they are interested in when they are in the natural world.
  • Following passions leads to a deeper connection to themselves and to Nature.
  • AND… We share our passions for being outside as well as share the knowledge we have acquired in our own naturalist paths.
  • Each mentor is unique and each group is unique.
  • Our philosophy is based on the natural cycle and is organized according to the 8 Directions.

“Natural Empowerment” Model

East: Hazards Awareness & Woods Safety, Gratitude

SE: Child Passions & Natural Play

South: Animal Tracking & Creative Inquiry

SW: Edible and Medicinal Plants & Wandering Skills

West: Self-Discovery & Community, Arts and Music

NW: Storytelling, Mythology, History of Place, Stewardship and Healing

North: Trees, Rocks, Fire and Wilderness Survival Skills

NE: Bird Language, Deep Listening, Blindfold Games, Advanced Sensory Awareness