Teen Adventure Camp

Registration for this program is closed for the 2017 season. Please join our newsletter to learn when registration will open again.

Program Information

  • Ages 13 to 16
  • Tuition: $400
  • Location:  300+ beautiful backwoods in Oglethorpe County Georgia
  • Dates: July 26 – July 30, 2017 backpacking trip



At Teen Adventure Camp, teens will camp on 300+ acres of privately owned forest in Oglethorpe County for four nights with our experienced and skilled mentors. We will build camp together, cook wholesome and delicious meals on the fire, go off on adventures, make useful and interesting crafts, unplug, and have FUN!

Active play is essential for our physical and mental well-being, and we’ve got lots of great games up our sleeves to fill that need. We get to sink in to a natural and easy rhythm, where enriching and relevant life skills simply come along with the territory.

Our camps are a great way to begin the lifelong journey to deep connection with the world outside. Students become a part of the landscape, at home and comfortable in the forest.10933988_402395736592029_6243952721927050223_n (1)

Our mentors strive to make the experience special for each participant by listening to their needs, inviting them into the conversation, and seeing them fully for who they are while helping them to develop their own toolkit for life.  The feedback we receive over and over is there is a vital aliveness and sparkle in the eyes of our students after their time at camp… AND they are more comfortable, inspired and excited to spend time outside.

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My son has been involved with the teen program at Wild Intelligence for several years, and his experience has greatly exceeded my expectations. I have watched as he has grown by leaps and bounds in his independence and self-confidence at trying new things. He’s become very comfortable and engaged with nature both at camp and at home. He’s also built supportive friendships with the teen campers and adult mentors involved. From my view as a parent, the teen program fosters a deep appreciation for the natural world, encourages the campers to trust themselves and their ability to figure things out and provides an atmosphere of kindness and respect among all the people involved. I believe that my son is thriving in large part due to the time he has spent involved with Wild Intelligence, and I am so grateful for this experience.” ~ Amy Heesacker