Teen Bushcraft Camp

Registration for summer camps will open January 15, 2018 at 8:00 am.
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Program Information

  • Ages 13 to 17
  • Earthsong; Bogart, GA
  • 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Dates: July 30 – August 3, 2018
  • Tuition: $185 early registration price ($215 if paid after February 15, 2018)

“Bushcraft” is a popular term for wilderness survival skills. In this five day camp, we will develop essential skills for camping and living outdoors – useful knots, shelter building, woodcraft, safe and effective use of hand tools, camp fire cooking, plant identification and use, some basic plant medicine, and of course, having fun! We will learn through focused instruction, fun projects, playing games, and exploring the curiosities of the natural world.

Our primary goals for Teen Bushcraft Camp are building competence with hand tools, resourcefulness, awareness, and creativity. We love making useful and beautiful items from the materials that the forest provides — it is so fun and rewarding. We will come prepared to offer instruction on specific projects every day of the camp; however, we strongly encourage the teens to pursue their own interests and creativity. If someone just really wants to make something other than the project we planned for the day, that is just fine with us. We will support them in that as much as we are able to as long as it isn’t something that will distract from the group activity too much. We must be able to maintain awareness of the whole group for safety’s sake at all times. If both can be done — we say go for it!

Mornings will be spent on focused activities.  Afternoons will be spent cooling off and exploring the Middle Oconee River.


  • Monday: Introduction to knives – safety and basic techniques
  • Tuesday: Essential knots, building shelter, hatchet basics
  • Wednesday: Cut a branch, carve a spoon!
  • Thursday: Homemade bow saws, fire skills
  • Friday: Putting it all together – campfire cooking, forest camp living

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My son has been involved with the teen program at Wild Intelligence for several years, and his experience has greatly exceeded my expectations. I have watched as he has grown by leaps and bounds in his independence and self-confidence at trying new things. He’s become very comfortable and engaged with nature both at camp and at home. He’s also built supportive friendships with the teen campers and adult mentors involved. From my view as a parent, the teen program fosters a deep appreciation for the natural world, encourages the campers to trust themselves and their ability to figure things out and provides an atmosphere of kindness and respect among all the people involved. I believe that my son is thriving in large part due to the time he has spent involved with Wild Intelligence, and I am so grateful for this experience.” ~ Amy Heesacker    

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