Our Vision

The Vision of Wild Intelligence is simple.

We are devoted to co-creating a healthy earth with other humans.

We want an Earth with clean water and wild places abundant with life.

We desire to see an Earth with whole, happy humans living peacefully in community with their neighbors. An Earth where city-scapes are built through intelligent designs which work in accordance with their environment – using resources wisely and economically.

We want a world where children play freely and grow up supported by the adults in the community . A community filled with adults offering guidance unique to each child when they need encouragement to try something new.

We want a world where communities support teens in finding their unique voice as they transform from children into adults. A world where teens are encouraged to question things, test their fears, and discover themselves in the process.

We want a world where adults live their dreams. A world where their special gifts support the community who in turn supports them.

We want an Earth where Elders are seen for being the wisdom keepers, story tellers and teachers they have become in their life. We want to see our elders cared for by the community in all of their needs.

At Wild Intelligence we believe when you have an authentic relationship with someone or something you are more likely to take care of it well.   When you feel connected to someone or something a bond forms. The more connected you feel, the stronger the bond the deeper the CONNECTION.

If we want a healthy earth and healthy human society, and healthy humans, we have to lead people to fall in love again with the world – with life…to CONNECT.

This is our mission – our work – at Wild Intelligence.

Are you ready to join us?