Year of the Snake

Program Information

  • Ages 13 to 16
  • 8 Weekends – one weekend per month September 2016 through April 2017
  • Tuition : $1025
  • Payment plans are available (scroll to the bottom of this page for more information)
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photo by Jamie DeRevere

The Year of the Snake is a year long offering specifically for Teenagers. Each weekend will bring a mix of relaxation time to unwind from their week at school as well as life pressures. There will be opportunities for deepening community bonds, fun and playful edge pushing through activities and games, opportunities for creative expression and self examination, as well as facilitation in developing deeper awareness and practical hands on relationships with the natural world.

Our intention is to create a safe space for teens to just be themselves, to have a ton of fun, to experience the tight bonds of community, and to co-create an epic adventure.


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Photo by Jamie DeRevere

We call this program The Year of the Snake because snakes slough off their old skin in order to grow. They are creatures that mythologically represent the art of transformation. As snakes rub their itchy and uncomfortable old skin off it turns inside out; often in one whole piece. Snakes will rub on different rocks or logs before finding the one that is the one they will use to get the skin off easily. It is not typically the first one they come to.

Teenage years are all about transformation both physically and emotionally. It can be a confusing and often tumultuous time trying on different personalities and passions while discovering who YOU are.

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photo by Jamie DeRevere

In the Year of the Snake, we will make camp and create our space together. It is important to balance loose, social time with some structure and shared responsibility – gathering wood, making/tending fire, and cooking, for example. Every weekend we create a village together for all of us, and in doing so exercise the crucial skills of community.

We strongly encourage artistic expression, cultivation of wilderness skills, plant identification and use, etc. Each weekend we will offer a variety of skills and projects ranging from painting and music to primitive hide tanning, in addition to hanging out, exploring the land, and taking time to just BE — at home in nature.

Our mentors come ready to fully accept the teens at whatever stage in their transformation into adulthood they are in without any judgment


Dates and times:

Drop off is 5:00 pm on Friday and pick up is 3:00 on Saturday Afternoons

  • September 23-24
  • October 21-22
  • November 11-12
  • December 16-17
  • January 13-14
  • February 10-1
  • March 3-4
  • April 7-8


For more information please contact Sarah Hubbard.

Payment Plan Option

We also offer an installment plan if you would like to break up payments over time.
Deposit – $328
Installment – $123 x 6 additional monthly payments